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How can I remove more than I friend at a time from my Kongregate friend list?

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It’s extremely frustrating to only be able to remove one friend at a time.

It takes almost 5 minutes to remove one page of friends with all of the automatic screen refreshing.

Can’t you give us a an option to remove entire pages of friends?

Most on my list are from games I no longer play.

Help us out a little Kongregate.

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You can’t.

[Edit: It’s been suggested a million times and hasn’t been done.]

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Load up all the full profiles of the people you want to remove as a friend then, under the username, where it says Friend in gray, hover over that and click it to remove that person as your friend.

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This combined with the fact that the “Recently Played Games” list on the front page disappears when you have more than two friends is a good reason to keep your friends’ list down.