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admin? thank you (locked)

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InGame, crazy fairies…a player doesn t like he fact that i do a joke about him preferably hitting the landscape rather than his teammates. a joke, not an insult, no nothing.

he answers and i quote : <<shut>>
so. i know he would have said anything to hurt me because he cannot accept the mere fact that someone is commenting on the action.

it just happens that my father IS dead. (certainly not related to Crazy fairies)
the problem being, those little ******(*)****** should not even being allowed to write IG, on kong chats, anywhere.

so because noone is answering me on kong chat or ig, i post.
and i ll do something which is not nice, oh no not nice.

the offender is called [removed].
thank you.

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If you want to report someone, you can do so using the profile feature. To report a user, go to their profile page, click “report abuse”, pick an abuse type and describe the situation in the text box.

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Generally, Jedi’s option is the best one to use in this situation.
Kongregate doesn’t like it (and I don’t think anybody does) when people are called out publicly on the forums like this.

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he says <<shut>>
that has something to do with your father being dead how?
and what do you even mean you will do something that is not nice…