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has anyone thought about this?

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Hello evryone I’m kinda new here been for about a month or so but the account is older anyway i was thinking if anyone have give thought about making an arena type shooter could be mmo or singleplayer doesnt really matter with the theme of robots in mind i saw some that look slightly similar to what im talking about but I’m going more for the Costom Robo type of game from what i have seen browsing the games here it looks possible but i don’t know if if some dev team looking for ideas might want to check this out oh and if this is posted in the wrong section of the forum remove it thank you :)

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1. Yes, obviously people have thought of that game type. There are already upgradeable robotic arena shooters on Kongregate, including some that are badged.

2. What do you mean the account is older but you’ve only been here for a month? Was it someone else’s account? If so, that’s against the rules.

3. Sentences require punctuation. Typing one long run-on sentence is not going to get many people to take you seriously if they even bother to read your post – text walls give people actual headaches. You may think I’m being nitpicky, but punctuation really does make it much easier since the reader doesn’t have to go back and try and figure out where one thought ends and another begins. Punctuated text can usually be understood in a quick skim, while unpunctuated text often requires even highly intelligent readers to go back and look over the words again and again. Attention spans being what they are, people are more likely to ignore you.

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i see thanks for these thre point on point 2 i made this account a while back i just didnt use it much i think it was wen gamestop got on here they where giving promo codes for tyrant but i dont remember.Thank you for the reply