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Originally posted by kmz2002:

My country did not have good internet speed which made most of the multiplayer game not playble for me. I would be much glad if there is more single player game

play single player
oh and reading the OP’s posts, i’m confused about what your asking, are you asking for people to not make games that are multiplayer? and only make games that you enjoy to play?
That’s not how it works buddy, you can’t go to youtube and ask people to not upload game videos. Really if your asking for something like this, your not gonna get it.

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Actually, you CAN go to youtube and ask people not to upload game videos… it won’t do you any good, but you can ask. lol And no, that wasn’t what I was asking. Once again, I was only voicing MY opinion. People can take it or not, as it’s only the opinion of one person. And really, it’s the ‘facebook’ games that I find a little ridiculous being posted here.

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i actually like the multi-player games on kong, they are’nt half bad, some of them are good n some of them are boring, just like the rest of the games on kong.U can’t get a 5 star game every time, but atleast we have something to look forward to.