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Got the game on android before I joined the Kongregate version on PC. Would like to know if I can create the mobile character on kongregate to use on the PC as well as mobile at the same time. I would then be using 2 characters on Kongregate and 1 on mobile (the duplicate).

I know it sounds odd but would love to know whether it is possible.


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Not sure what you meant exactly but I’m trying to answer to your questions as best as I can

By game, if you meant Kong Arcade, you can login with the same account on PC version of Kongregate that you would use to login to Kong Arcade as well. Kong arcade and the main site of Kongregate itself are linked

EDIT: I scanned your text; Yes, you can make multiple accounts on Kongregate (you can even do that from Kong arcade) and all of your accounts to which you have access to can be accessed and used both from the PC version of Kongregate and the Mobile version (Kong arcade app) since they’re linked together

EDIT2: So in conclusion, using 2 accounts on PC and 1 on mobile (which is also used on PC) is very possible