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New Kongregate Version: Game Page Fixes

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We know that some of you are still having issues with accessing our site but hopefully things will get resolved soon. You can find an explanation of what happened to our servers here

As for changes, we just have another round of bug fixes for users. First we heard there was some confusion where users were seeing the Quest Completion tab vs the Awards tab when they earned a badge. So we fixed that problem. Another issue we noticed was that the wrong navigation tab was being selected so we put in a quick fix for that too.

One small change for developers. When you upload a new version of your iframe game now, you should have the dimensions and any plug-ins required pre-populated.

You can read more about these changes below or in our change logs here.

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  • Fix a text issue with the PowerUp Rewards pod on the homepage
  • Fix issues with the signup tab not revalidating fields on error
  • Fix an issue where the wrong tabs in the nav were in the selected state
  • Fix an issue where users see a Quest completion award tab vs the regular award tab


  • Uploading a new version of an iframe game with the ?iframe=true flag will populate existing iframe data into the form
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5/5, good update.

Also, get the game dimensions fixed for if I update additional files for a game but not update the actual file. (game will be re-sized to 0 by 0)

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The dimensions are only for iframe games where you normally have to submit a height and width.

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Correct, but there is a bug (mentioned this to Anthony but didn’t send in a bug report) where if you upload additional files to a game but not upload a new game file, the game’s dimension are set to 0×0. (I assume the server parses the swf upon upload to get dimensions, and when you don’t upload a game, the size defaults to 0)

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I’ll ask anthony about this issue then. Thanks.