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Crownheiress Ego Inflation [interview]

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Introducting the damsel in distress, the princess of modesty, the heiress of royalty, CrownHeiress!

Your first day on Kongregate. Were you bored? Trying to impress a boy or girl with your 1337 flash gaming skills? How did you decide on your username, and what was the first game you played?

Bored is probably the last thing I was! Finding Kongregate was an amazing moment! So many new people, new games, new community, really I was just here to make new friends, enjoy a new type of gaming environment.
As for my username, it’s actually a play on Princess Zelda, who has always been one of my favorite video gaming characters. It doesn’t stop me from using other princesses as my avatar.

Obviously, you are not Crownheiress in real life(or maybe you are? O_o). Do you mind if I ask what your alter ego is, and where you live? (i.e. Bruce Wayne, Wayne Manor. I usually hang out in the batcave with my bat-toys.)

While I’m not on Kongregate playing a damsel who battles trolls and fights tirelessly to achieve badges, I’m busy as a full-time student, part-time retail worker, and a member of my university’s Mock Trial Association.
As for my current geographical location, that would be in the great state from which flows beer and cheese… Wisconsin.

What are your favorite games? (Yes, I am that lazy to not click on your favorite games on your profile.) Why are they your favorites? Do you like a specific genre of game, does any aspect draw you to a game more than others?

I can usually be found in Lantea or “Just Chatting Room #2”, but my favorite game on Kongregate is either “Book of Mages: The Dark Times”, or The “William and Sly” series.
I’m a sucker for tactical/strategic RPGs, and both games of “William and Sly” have amazing soundtracks.
I’m drawn towards games where you have to use your brain such “Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones” on Gameboy Advance or “Skyrim”. Ultimately though, I think it comes down to a well-put together game. A game with unique parts knit together through plot, gameplay, and most importantly (in my opinion,) soundtrack.
My favorite game of all time is Shadow of the Colossus. It’s a beautifully done game that exceeds all expectations of what you would find on a PS2. Crafted for a unique kind of gamer, it had a very limited release in the United States. It’s considered the prequel to “ICO”, and has a very complex and thought-provoking plotline behind it. If you have the funds and the ability, I HIGHLY suggest you play it. It’s the only game that I’ve felt has made a lasting impact on who I am, which is why I have a tattoo from the game on my back.

What kind of role do you see for yourself on Kongregate? (are you a big gamer, like to chat, hang out in the forums, all of the above…) What would you consider your biggest accomplishment(s) here, and talk about some of your history on the site.

Hm… My role on Kongregate is…multi-faceted. I’m a gamer, a user first and foremost, but the longer I spend here, the more I take on. I regularly welcome new users, help individuals find new games that may be to their liking, and when necessary, calling a moderator. Most importantly though, I love being a regular in Lantea. It’s a quiet, peaceful chat, the conversations are predominantly comprised of considerate, respectful individuals, and since our room owner is on sporadically, having one or two, even three solid regulars to act as…well, regulars is an accomplishment. As for forums, I post every once in awhile, but quite honestly they move too fast for me to feel completely comfortable in them, although I do have one thread!
My biggest accomplishment would be establishing the group of friends that I currently have. The numerous users, dozens of moderators, and even an administrator or two that I know have all contributed to making my Kongregate experience something to enjoy and hopefully that’s an experience that I can pass on some day as well!
As far as history goes, I’m most well established in ShellShock Live since I’ve been playing that game for over a year and a half. As far as room chats goes, historically I’m a bit nomadic, being everywhere from Paradise to Buffet of Goodness, although Lantea will always be home for me.

Do you socialize much on Kongregate? How do you like the chat rooms and forums? Any friends on here you want to give a shout-out?

I socialize quite a bit! If I’m not reading a book or playing a game, you’ll find me furiously typing away in chat, for better or worse!
I love the chatrooms, each one has something new to offer, with new sets of rules and regulars.
You need a shout out? Well, I suppose I could think up something…
“Greetings everyone!!”

You get a wish upon a star (or two if you want a Kongregate wish), what would it (they) be?

If I had one wish, it would be to become a professional sailboat racer and travel around the world sailing. Sailing is in my blood, it’s one of the few motions in life that has always felt natural to me. Big, small, racing, casual, tacking… It’s a part of me. Actually, I’ve never lived more than a couple miles from open water. Traveling in land-locked places is frightening to me. It’s different… Less free.
The other wish is to have enough money to get through law school without debt!
Lastly, I would love to be interviewed by Jon Stewart from “The Daily Show”.

What game on Kongregate comes to mind for a story you enjoyed, or a story you would like to see on a Kongregate game?

Memohuntress. It’s a surprisingly dark, but the ending is… Well, I won’t give it away, you’ll have to play it to find out!

Have you played any of the top monthly games? Any opinions on these games or those you feel are left off the list?

ShellShock Live 2 is an excellent sequel to the first one, I was fairly impressed. And despite all of the complaining and whining that people do over the Papa -Eria series, I’m a bit excited for Papa’s Hotdogeria (Or maybe I’m just playing Devil’s advocate, heh)!

Design a badge (or badges) for games on Kongregate!

Hm… Well, since “Cloudstone” doesn’t have any badges, I’ll give it a couple!
Easy badge: “X Marks the Spot!” – Find your fortune!
Medium badge: “Sweet Sixteen” – Reach level sixteen.
Hard badge: “The Journey’s Just Begun” – Complete the story line.
Impossible badge: “Greatness is Earned” – Earn every greater reward all islands.

Which game on Kongregate has your favorite music, or what music do you listen to while gaming on Kong?

The “William and Sly” series has the best music, although “Musaic Box” is a very close second. Generally though, I’ll be listening to OSTs from a few games, such as “Skyrim”, “Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”, or “Shadow of the Colossus”.

Do you have anything you do for good luck, or habits while gaming?

Heh, actually, I’m very guilty of eating sliced vegetables with cottage cheese. Otherwise, I do have a bad habit of turning on the radio and listening to NPR when I’m in “Just Chatting Room #2”. Since people rarely chat there, I usually putz around and clean or put away laundry, etc etc… I would say 50 or 60 percent of the time I’m on Kongregate I’m not actually playing a game but rather just enjoying the opportunity to be there.

My sources tell me that Robert Pattinson likes to play Doodle God on Kongregate (source: the voices in my head). What other celebrity or person from your own life would you not be surprised plays games on Kongregate?

Well, it just so happens that I knew a user named “TAYLORSWIFT”, and since it’s in all caps, clearly it must be true… As for a person from my own life…my future husband!

What else is there to your gaming/non-gaming life you would like to talk about?

Non-gaming life consists of school, where I double major in English and Legal Studies, reading, where I’m currently absorbed in the third book of the series “Songs of Fire and Ice”, and watching Netflix, where I’m currently rewatching “Downton Abbey” and just starting the series “Farscape” (I’m a huge Sci-Fi and Fantasy fan).

You have several wonderful artworks posted on Kongregate. What would you consider yourself? A moderate sketcher? A full-fledged artist? Do you have any plans for future drawings?

Wonderful? You’re too kind! Really, I just do it as a pastime or when I’m trying to procrastinate hard-core. No future ideas, although I’ve been told I make some bad ass birthday cards. My prized work is either a card I made that resembles a cake that looks like it has a bite taken out of it, or another that has the words “Happy Birthday” set inside itself three times, and on the back says “Yo dawg, I heard you like happy birthdays, so I put a happy birthday inside a happy birthday inside a happy birthday”.

What do you think of the new “local mod” system? Will it lead to a better justified Kongregate life or utter confusion?

Honestly, I’m not quite sure on how much I like it. Local Moderators seem like a good idea, but unfortunately it makes game-oriented or low populated rooms a target for trolls or spammers. If Local Moderators are eventually allowed to broaden the number of rooms and eventually given Global Moderator status, I would retract what I said previous, but as it stands, I’m going to give it a good six months before I release a definite statement. What needs to be taken into consideration is that the administration works with the ebbs and flows of the users and the community, which is a great move on their part. Local Moderators are a new tactic in approaching chat-oriented conflicts (from my understanding), and since this is a relatively new concept on solving those conflicts, I’m going to give the Community Administrators and the Kongregate Administration, in general,the benefit of the doubt. They’ve done well by the users so far, and it’s my hope that as this new theory is put into play, they’ll be able to tailor it more cleanly to fit the demands of the community and the administration.

Kongregate is constantly evolving. Has it evolved too far, or is it far from it’s prime?

Ooftah, where to start… Well, I’m going to begin with the last question and then work to the first one, because both are very much related. Evolution and growth are highly dependent on each other, and to claim that Kongregate has reached or passed its peak is a bit folly, or rather premature. With growth comes change and adaptation, now whether or not one chooses to adapt is a different story. Personally, I’ve only been on Kongregate for almost two years now, and I’ve had the great opportunity to see the new profile launch, Kongregate’s 5th birthday, and most recently the installation of the Global and Local Moderators. With these changes there has been a lot of praise, but also a lot of outcry. A shift in perspective is needed with a new “generation” of gamer flooding the site, and so arise new conflicts presented for the many categories of Administrators. The change or “evolution” that is happening is a response to the many new users that join this site daily with new concepts of a what their gaming experience should be. Those with a more progressive mindset are apt to experience opportunities that are being enabled, and it will be these people that come out winners in the long run. I’d like to remain diplomatic and tactful about my assertions, and at the same time it’s important to recognize that an answer is needed. So to give a definite response to the first part of your question, no. Kongregate hasn’t evolved too far, rather it is evolving in a manner that allows for Administration to help the users and the site adapt together as a whole.
It is my fondest wishes that this continues to happen, because it not only keeps Kongregate from becoming stagnant, but also allows for all users to have a wonderful experience in online gaming. I give my highest regards to those that are instrumental in making this happen, and also wish them the best of luck as they continue to do so.

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Thank you for the exquisite interview, CrownHeiress! Words cannot describe your unique personality.

What would you consider your favorite piece of literature being?

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You’re welcome! And thank you in return for being so patient during the interview, some of these answers are lengthy!

Picking just one piece of literature is impossible. I do have several favorite authors including Dumas, Hemingway, and Douglas Adams.

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Very nice interview, guys. :)

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sweet interview.

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Nice interview crown, that was awesome

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It’s a shame Cloudstone went down and lost a good portion of information. My whole account was lost. I definitely think that game was worthy of badges but after having those major issues, I think that ruined any and all hope for them. It’s still one of the better MMOs around. I really enjoyed it in the short time I played.

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Great job eProdigy and CrownHeiress! Very thoughtful answers to the questions.

Maybe eProdigy is Jon Stewart, so you already were interviewed by him? O_o