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What is your name?
My Name? Oh it’s Nothing.

Ah, nothing! Your name is nothing! I get it. What about your location?
I live in ‘Merica. Specifically the state of Georgia.

How did you discover Kongregate, Nothing?
Long ago, during the summer of 2008, I was at a friend’s house. While I was there, he opened up the game Bubble Tanks 2. I saw the badge feature and I decided that when I got home I would make an account. So I returned home, and joined Kong at the ripe age of 11 years old!

Which chat room do you usually hang out in, and are there any friends you would like to mention?
I am almost always in the Labyrinth chatroom while playing games on Kong. I’ve been there since Live2Die (Now VForVendetta) became the room owner, when the name was still Discworld, later named Purple Haze, and, when my good friend Madjedi became the RO, Labyrinth. As for users, there’s Madjedi, Blizznub2000, you of course, and the people of the Labyrinthians TC. <3

You’re quite the badge hunter! If I dared you to earn three impossible badges, would you cope with it?
Three impossible badges would be perfect as there are exactly 3 imps that I earned in the past that I am yet to earn on this account! Pandemic 2, Run 2, and the Necronomicon all have to be earned on this new account. (yet again!)

Papa’s Hot Doggeria is out! What were your first reactions when it was released on Kongregate?
Yet another game in the series. Not too big of a deal, as people seem to enjoy them. Not my personal cup of tea, but I’m not angry about it like some users.

Kong Ant vs. Kongbot. Who would win?!
Kong Ant of course! Kongbot is not nearly as superior to our classic ant!

What do you want on Kongregate for Christmas?
Another new quest would be wonderful. It’s always a great motivator to earn badges. and to become a mod I mean and for all the users to enjoy their holiday!

Any thoughts on the new Local Mod system?
So far so good. I feel like some rooms need more mods, though, as they are stealing away some of my mod friends from labyrinth. ;-;

Kongregate never stops evolving. What do you think it will evolve into next year?
Hopefully it won’t change too much. Right now, I think kong is pretty damn amazing. When the new layout was introduced, I know several people were angry about it, but not me! I pretty much use kong for the great community and games, and the aesthetics is just a secondary concern to me.

Amazing indeed! If you were an admin, what would you add/change to make Kongregate even more spectacular?
MOAR BADGES. But really, I feel like we’ve been in a badge slump lately and more badges never hurt anyone. But besides that, I’d bring back the beta tag and all that good stuff. I miss it more than any other change kong made!

Which games would you love to have badges?
The two games in the Myosotis series! They are wonderful games by the developer of the Alice is Dead Series, and some of the best games I’ve played on Kong. Sadly, the first one doesn’t have API, but the second one is always an option!

Name three games Kongregate would be incomplete without.
Vector Stunt, one of my all time favorite games on Kong. I’ve played it so many times, and I think one of the only games I have ever achieved a score on the Kong highscores on.
The Cuboy games are always really fun. Also a quirky little humorous game!
And Hello! Worlds is another one of my favorite games on the site. Great concept. Needs a sequel!

Do you have any video games (PC, Xbox, PS3, NDS, etc.) you wouldn’t mind playing over and over again?
I’ve hardly played console games recently, but I used to play my Gamecube and PS2 all the time as a kid! I was a huge fan of the Pokemon games as a kid, and there are some that I no longer have that I would love to play through again, mostly for nostalgia, but they are what really got me into gaming!

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I salute you for the wonderful interview, Nothing!

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I salute you for being a wonderful interviewer!
Thanks for the interview!
And I just realized I forgot adv0 in the special mentions. ;-;

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Nice account link in OP, brah.

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Originally posted by MyNameIsNothing:

And I just realized I forgot adv0 in the special mentions. ;-;

datz k00l. i getz it br0.

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Yet another awesome interview. Nice job again, still loving how we meet people through these.

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Great interview

Originally posted by eProdigy:


What is your name?
My Name? Oh it’s Nothing.

Ah, nothing! Your name is nothing! I get it. What about your location?

Great interview ePro and MyNameIsNothing!

What was your favorite quest, or any ideas for future quests?
(sorry if you get a quest for Christmas and I ruined the surprise =O)