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What’s your name?

Sir william the 40th

Where do you come from?


Where did you find out about Kongregate, and how did you decide on a username?

I found out about it through “take something literally” I have been on the site before but i loved the game and i wanted to get a badge on it, so i did and i started to gravitate more and more to the site, now it’s all i go on
Any friends you would like to mention?
My Right hand
What is your favorite chat room?
Don’t chat much. So the game tag or the achievements tag

So… what do you spend most of your time on Kongregate doing?

Fourms, Sometimes i still play some games though

Kong Ant vs. Kongbot! Who will win?


What do you think about the new Local Mod system?

Don’t really get it, I mean if we have a mod why can’t they leave the other rooms? Granted more mods are better but still

If you were an admin, what improvements would you make to Kongregate?
Free cookies for everyone! But i might make the forums a bit easier to find, Oh and remove the shitty mods from the fourms

Are there any games you feel aren’t getting as much attention as they deserve?
:The game: (best fucking game. Ever. To ever exist. And will ever exist.)
Replaying :The game: (i stand corrected
Name three games in which you want to be badged.
:the game:
Replaying :the game:

Christmas is coming! What present would you like to have?

Infinite money.

What do you do in your spare time?

4chan, Games. Saints row. Things i can’t post here

Do you have any hobbies/talents/skills?

Gaming, Do chess club. because i am just not nerdy enough allready

Do you own any video games?
Shitton of them,

Bigfoot is scientifically accepted as a new species! What are your thoughts on the matter?

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Welp, I have beaten the game, and simultaneously lost the game here… But that series is pretty dang hilarious.
Nice interview, kind ashort but still pretty sweet.

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Originally posted by eProdigy:

Where do you come from?


Do you know John Carter?

Great interview ePro and bjjdude! LOL at how many games you own.