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[Tournament] The Road Not Taken (Semifinal) page 4 (locked)

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Wanted to put in a score.

This wasn’t my best run but I haven’t been able to break 40k. Good luck in the finals.

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Originally posted by zAlbee:
Originally posted by Blizzard2000:

The spreadsheet said when the round would end; why didn’t you check it? And if you did, wouldn’t it be better to stay on the safe side and assume the round ended at the earlier of two times so you’d have less of a chance to go out because you delayed playing?

The spreadsheet was showing the old deadline until recently.

Yeah, after the shit support I got for asking that my score, proven to have been made before a deadline, be counted I doubt you’re going to get anywhere complaining about not posting a better score before the round end. I’m not being a dick but if I can’t get a grace period for a score I already had I doubt anyone will for scores they didn’t get :P