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I edit chat room Eggstraordinarys wiki at times because I play in that chat

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Originally posted by HolyLasagna:

The funny thing is that the Wikia can’t fail. It already withstood the test of time – even though it’s been inactive for years, people still come back and edit it. That’s the beauty of it.

oh. yes it can. you let it die, abandon it. you think you will come back but when you do every single article will be spam

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I bet none of you knew of this awesome information! The Wiki is awesome because of such things. :D
So far we have created over 60 new articles! Thanks Secretsofsorrow (the most awesome helper so far!), T6salt, hamuka, and Jaskaran2000 for all the help! Nice to see people are enjoying the renewal of the Wiki. If anyone wants to join, you know where to help. ;)