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Is is safe to buy Kreds from Kongregate? (locked)

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My dad wants to know if it safe to buy kreds from here because he doesn’t want to give his credit card information out to a random site. Please respond as soon as possible!

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Absolutely! Kongregate is owned by Gamestop, a major company in the game industry. I have never had an issue with buying kreds. If your Dad still doesn’t trust Kongregate than he can buy a Gamestop giftcard and use that to also buy Kreds!

EDIT: Also, Kongregate has a Paypal option if your Father would prefer that.

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As safe as any other.

Kongregate is owned by Gamestop, which is (if you don’t already know) a large company with a solid reputation, if that helps.

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Thanks so much! This helped me out a lot!

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