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What is your real name?
Olivia :)

Where do you live?

How did you come upon Kongregate?
Aound 4 years ago on google, just looking up games.

How much does Olivia rock, and how did you decide on that username?
I rock so hard that I’m a geologist, I decided this username because I didn’t really want to think, so I’m like hey, my name and something random.

Which chat rooms are your favorite?
Labyrinth, sometimes Uber Universe

Any friends you would like to mention?
Paulverizer11 ♥, SonicOkami, FrozenCereal, MadJedi, superchill36 :)

So… what do you do on Kongregate, most of the time?
I mostly just stay on “Just Trolling” but if I find a game I really like, I will over play that game until I make myself sick of it.

Do you think Kongregate will change much next year, and in what way?
It might, with updates and stuff, But I think they should leave the layout alone. I hate it when sites change where stuff is, like imagine if you guys put the login on the left side and down the middle of the page, everyone would be like what…what’s going on? And you would have a lot of users complaining.

What would be the ideal present that Kongregate could give you?
A car, or a new French Horn. (Like that will happen) But I would like to become a moderator. After 4 years on this site, being a good person and everything, nothing. :P

If you were an admin, what would you change on Kongregate?
The amount of accounts someone is allowed to make. You know those noobs, you get banned and as soon as they are banned, they are back on a new account? Yeah, I would try and eliminate that.

What would you buy for somebody else on Christmas?
A plane ticket. To fly down here and take me :)

Do you have any hobbies, talents or skills?
Hobbies would be skyping and getting on Kongregate. Skills would be reading, I love reading.

Do you play any instruments or sports?
I play the French Horn/Mellophone, and Trumpet. I have lettered in band for 2 years of high school so far. I want to go to college and make a profession of it, but I don’t know. :)

Bigfoot is real. What do you think about this?
Bigfoot should give me some jerky.

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Nice interview again prodigy.

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Thank you. I’ll try to make them longer and vary the questions more.

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hehe cool interview!

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pfff u guys should stop interviewing new and or unknown people.

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Nice interview, but you should always ask people what`s their favorite game on Kong. I find that interesting at least.