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How to "CORRECTLY" promote a game on Kongregate ?

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Hello everyone,

I have uploaded 3 games in total till now on Kongregate. And thanks to the community I have improved with every game :) because of the suggestions and feedback which have been really encouraging.

My question is how do we promote a game on Kongregate so that atleast a decent number of people play it.

My first ever game (which was a disaster by its standards) had around 1000 game plays before it was lost in the nothingness.
I used the feedback and suggestions to improve my second game which was fairly better but still a disaster and it had around 1000 game plays as well

My latest game which I consider to be fairly OK (not a disaster in any manner) is lost forever again not because it received a lower rating but because not many people played the game! Just 300 something game plays …

So how do we promote a game on kongregate so that atleast 750 to 1000 people play the game .. I am not afraid of people thrashing my games .. atleast I am able to improve from the feedbacks I get .. but with just 300 gameplays, it makes me wonder if I am missing on something else other than just the game.

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I just went and played your latest game. i don’t mean to offend, because it’s an interesting twist on the tetris / 99 bricks concept, but it’s not super good. :)

I think the image itself is not very splashy or eye-catching. It’s a Christmas game, therefore a lot of people are likely to pass it over “oh yeah, trying to cash in on christmas… this should be laughable”. The game itself was so-so.

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Some feedback;
‘A christmas wish’ – The game is practically the same as ‘wish upon a star’ (which only became a little popular just because it was original), but now without the originality. The goal (150 flakes) is not very much; I can almost get those faster without buying any upgrades, which makes the challenge of the game (get the 150 flakes in as few days as you can) not very good. Besides that; the high sound when you grab a snowflake rapes my ears.

‘Wild west’ – Good concept, a reflex game. But why did I have to ‘buy’ a gun and shoes for 0 bucks? And why did the shopkeeper say ‘thanks’ when he gave me those for free?:p Also, it would be so much better if you had some sort of ‘penalty’ if you moved your cursor before the timer ran out… A health decrease, or an immediate battle lost or so. Because now it’s not very challenging and not very fun.

Santa’s clause – Don’t get me wrong, I like tetris games, but I got the idea that the game is either impossible or extremely hard because of the weird shapes. Besides that, the movement is a little too slow (and there is no button to instant-drop the bricks/presents)