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Dear Kongregate,

I just had a very nasty experience with one of your associate companies, Axe Body Spray. I learned about their website through you, and trusted them because of our history, and now I feel cheated and betrayed. I have been a member at Kongregate for almost 5 years now. I have worked my way up to level 41. I have participated in many of the events you have hosted. For a while I got each and ever card as they were released, until school got in the way. I was among the first to connect with you and Facebook (even though soon after disconnecting, because I didn’t think my friends wanted to see what games I was playing flooding the news feed). You were my friend, and I trusted you.

A few months ago I learned from the Kongregate website that a website called Planet Axe was linked to yours, and used points earned on Kongregate for prizes! This is similar to the Kongregate Badge of the Day, which gives GameStop Reward Points on top of double Kongregate points, which I’ve used reliably in the past. What reasons could I possibly have for not joining this new rewards website? Many of the badges needed I had already collected on Kongregate, so they transferred over and suddenly I had very many points, enough to consider what I would like to redeem them for. Being a girl, and also none too fond of Xbox, I found very little of interest to me in the rewards section of the website; however I did find a very nice electric shaver that I thought my boyfriend would appreciate. I only needed about 5000 more points for it (translated, that’s about 5 Kongregate badges).
So, I had to play a few games that aren’t of my favorite genres (because of course I had already finished the games that were), but finally I had enough points. I found the reward I wanted, clicked the button to redeem it… and lo and behold, there it was, within my reach. A code to use on the manufacturer website to get my boyfriend a fancy present. So I clicked the redemption link… only to find that the page to redeem doesn’t actually exist. So of course I emailed the webmasters, thinking of course there must be some mistake. There evidently isn’t. The only reply they sent is telling me that “The redemption instructions and information for redeeming your reward can be found both in your confirmation email and also in your My Rewards section on Planet AXE.” Well, I already knew that wouldn’t work, so I had my boyfriend call the company. The company told him to send in a ticket, and they would get back through proper channels. Well, we know what happens when we try that. In this case at least, I suppose this IS the internet, and people make claims all the time without having to follow through with them.

But really, Kongregate, I have known you for almost five years, I thought we were friends. We have been through thick and through thin. You’ve shared all-nighters with me, keeping my spirits up through studying. I’ve entered many contests with you, and though I’ve not yet won anything, I’ve enjoyed the journey. And though I’ve lately been busier, and don’t have the time to get many of the newer medals, I still regularly come for the Badge of the Day. But now, Kongregate, now that you have directed me to such an unpleasant and sordid company, I just don’t know if I can trust you anymore. If these are the sort of people you are consorting with, perhaps I should find some new friends.


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I think that you shouldn’t be hating Kongregate because Axe Body Spray being unprofessional. It’s like the same thing that happens with most of the free kreds offers that never actually give you free kreds because they just don’t want to.
You should know that free things in the internet are barely impossible to get, that’s sadly the way it goes.
Anyway, I guess you should insist with this, not here, but into the other page. Read the terms and everything else legally related if possible to the reward, keep sending mails to people who should answer to this thing but please, don’t try to make Kongregate responsible because it’s not the best thing to do and you won’t win anything

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I don’t have much time to type a response but I had issues with that site, as well. I got it figured out after consistently emailing them. Don’t give up and keep trying! Though, it’s not Kong’s fault in any shape, size, or form, as Resterman stated.

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Yeah “planet axe” sucks, I’ve had terrible luck with that site :/

And it’s not technically Kong’s fault, like, they’re not the ones promising the rewards, but they still chose to partner with Axe, endorsed them, said “Hey these guys are cool, you should go over there,” and staked their own reputation in it. Then planet axe turns out to be buggy and unfriendly and awful, how is kong not responsible? They can’t use a little more discretion when choosing partnerships, for all of our sakes?

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It’s not Kongregate’s fault if a third-party site is unfair and unprofessional. It isn’t their fault that they even endorse sites like those. Kongregate is a company, and that’s what companies do.

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Don’t blame Kongregate, upon signing up you agreed to their privacy policy.

Their privacy policy in the “Links and Third Parties” section, clearly states: “From time to time we may include at the Site links to other websites as a service to you. The third party sites are operated by companies that are outside of our control, and your activities at those sites will be governed by the policies and practices of those third parties. We encourage you to review the privacy practices of these third parties before disclosing any personally identifiable information, as we are not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites.”

You agreed to that policy upon signing up; don’t blame the website when you said you’d obey their rules. This is like if someone does something illegal and then they complain to the police if they’re arrested. You should know what you are and aren’t allowed to do; you should know what the rules say, and if you don’t, it’s nobody’s fault but yours.

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Uh… no one is talking about their personal information being abused… at all…

And idk about the OP but I don’t want to sue anyone, I’m not talking about legal responsibilities. I just think it’s crummy from a customer relations perspective.

It’s like if your best friend is really cool and reliable, he sends greeting cards for every holiday, he always follows through when he says something. Then you meet his cousin, a greasy jobless redneck who lives in an RV, and the cousin asks you for money. You say to your best friend “I don’t know about this guy…” and your friend says “No no, he’s cool for it! My cousin is a great guy! I’d trust him with my life!”

So you give him $500, your fears assuaged by your friend’s confident endorsement, and you never, ever see that money again. Who’s fault is that? The cousin’s for being irresponsible? Yours for being gullible? Or your friend’s for misrepresenting his cousin when you trusted his opinion?

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Meme related:

I’m sorry for your experience there, Penguin.