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New Kongregate Version: Contact us form update

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Just a small update this time around. Under the contact us form, we have added a new for for any Kreds inquiry that you guys may have. We also did a few more minor tweaks to cinematic mode.

You can read more about these changes below or in our change logs here.

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  • Add “Kreds Inquiry” to the contact form
  • Added fixed position scrolling for games that fit inside the browser window in cinematic mode
  • Fix an issue with cinematic mode and expandable ads
  • Fix an issue with resizing a browser window and the cinematic mode notification bar


  • Developers can submit screenshot of games in the upload process
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What is the screenshot in the upload process for? Is there going to be a screenshot browsing page (for players to browse and pick games they like) eventually?

Also, super large images look great: