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Just got an email from

“Hey, PowerUp Rewards Pro member!

Did you know that you now get a free subscription to Kong Plus just for subscribing to PowerUp Rewards Pro? Experience ad-free gaming, exclusive beta testing, free PowerUp Rewards points, and much more.

Find out more about Kong Plus.

But remember: Your Kong Plus subscription only lasts as long as your PowerUp Rewards Pro membership, so be sure to renew.

Enjoy this gift from us, and happy gaming!"

Can anyone confirm if this is legit? If so, when is this going to be implemented?

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There’s been a thread about it here already, it might have some info for you in it already. From what I see, it is legitimate, and should be automatic if you’re linked to your PowerUp account here, but apparently there’s been some trouble with it for some people.

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Whoops, didn’t see that, and yeah, I had my account linked up for quite a while, still don’t have it. Thanks for the info.