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Some things belong together: peanut butter and jelly, milk and cookies, Edward and Bella, bread and butter, shoes and socks, bacon and eggs, bacon and toast, bacon and bacon, bacon and bacon and bacon, and of course, awesome and dragons. I don’t have any bacon and bacon, but I do have an interview with awesomedragon17.

Your first day on Kongregate. Were you bored? Trying to impress a boy or girl with your 1337 flash gaming skills? How did you decide on your username, and what was the first game you played?

Gah… My first day… I will admit, I was a bit of a troll, but with some silencing and my immaturity going away, I learned the lefts and rights of Kongregate… There are and still are people I want to impress…. But people are stubborn. _ My first game was, if i’m not mistaken was New Star Soccer.

Obviously, you are not awesomedragon17 in real life(or maybe you are? O_o). Do you mind if I ask what your alter ego is, and where you live? (i.e. Smaug, I hang out on Lonely Mountain in Middle Earth, and like to bedazzle my belly with gold coins and gemstones.)

My real name is Joseph, (Last name’s a secret… Shhhhhhhhhh.) I live in the great state of Virginia and (Nine presidents, I am the first jedi ninja.), i quite like playstation 3. (And yes, I have an xbox. I just don’t like it as much.) Don’t get me wrong, i do have a social life. I’m a boy scout, I play striker and goalie in soccer, Play Power forward in basketball, I play chess, and Taekwondo.

What are your favorite games? Yes I am that lazy to not click on your favorite games on your profile. =] Why are they your favorites? Do you like a specific genre of game, does any aspect draw you to a game more than others?

Johnny Rocketfingers 2, (He freaking rocks.) Freefall tournament, second person shooter Zato, New Star Soccer, and fancy pants adventures. (What? His pants are fancy….)

What kind of role do you see for yourself on Kongregate? (are you a big gamer, like to chat, hang out in the forums, all of the above…) What would you consider your biggest accomplishment(s) here, and talk about some of your history on the site.

I can see myself as a big gamer, although the chat distracts me a lot and i can spend hours talking to friends…. Tiny attention span. Sue me.

Do you socialize much on Kongregate? How do you like the chat rooms and forums? Any friends on here you want to give a shout-out?

I am no social butterfly, Forums are beautiful for learning useless facts, And if you don’t mind, i’d like to shoutout, agentCAROLINA (I’m always here for you.),
narutoxtreeme, Sultan101, Alecday0014, Dayovernight,Rachiface, AnnlynnV (Finally found you. ;P), Amour_est_amer, Kittysnyper , Dreadwolf, Anharu,Sweetcheeks23 (You’re awesome), Jiante, Bazinga27, JesseMH8 (Of course…), and…. Desmondtiny. Please do not attack me with assorted cyber weapons if i forgot you…. :)

You get to wish upon a star, what would be your two wishes?

If I had two wishes… I’d first wish for a lightsaber, then i’d wish for top of the line gaming systems. Then my life is made.

In Rbots, you navigate the robot heads back to their bodies, so the robots can dance again. What game on Kongregate comes to mind for a story you enjoyed, or a story you would like to see on a Kongregate game?

Little Wheel. That game was storylined, EXTREMELY simple, but at the same time amazingly well developed, and wasn’t crude
. And I earned some points for beating it.

Jetfart Zombie is now on Kongregate. Does this raise the level for fart jokes, zombie games, or both?

Zombie games, I don’t mind… Fart games are a new attempt at this… So we’ll just have to wait and see.

Have you played any of the top rated games, or top monthly games? Any opinions on these games or those you feel are left off the list?

I do have something to add…. HOW THE HECK DID Freefall tournament miss that list???

Design a badge for a game on Kongregate, or for yourself in real life(you can do a somersault, balance a ball on your nose, eat hot chili peppers, etc.)

I am not the best at… anything in real life… Except for gaming so therefore, a badge for being an elite gamer.

Which game on Kongregate has your favorite music, or what music do you listen to while gaming on Kong?

Avicii, skrillex, Bassnectar, Rogue, And really any (good) dubstep for my shooter games, and pop/happy/heartbroken type stuff for anything else.

Do you have anything you do for good luck, or habits while gaming? (watch tv while gaming, drink mountain dew, eat one row of a corn on the cob after passing each level, light a vanilla scented candle to get your PWNZ0R on, etc.)

I close my eyes and let the eye juice fully wet my eyes, that way when the game starts, i don’t have to blink. And i eat cookies and cream hershey’s bars. Hehe.

My sources tell me that Ralph Wiggum likes to play Dino Run on Kongregate(source: Super Nintendo Chalmers.). What other celebrity or person from your own life would you not be surprised plays games on Kongregate?

I would not at all be surprised if David Beckham, played New Star Soccer in his spare time.

Does awesomedragon17 have awesome hair?

Yes, :D. I have long locks. I would tell you more, but then i get braggadocious. :P

What is the first life experience you can remember?

Riding the MARTA in Downtown Atlanta with my father, as a toddler.

You love New Star Soccer, and you love soccer. Do you have any other soccer games you would recommend?

I recently got FIFA 13 for my birthday. Great game. Physics engine is beautiful, and the graphics and gameplay run really well.

What soccer positions do you play in real life? Do you have any special moves or celebrations? What level do you need to be to unlock these special moves or celebrations(this concept of non-video game sports is new to me =P)?

I play Goalie, and occasional striker. My special move is the jump, tuck, and roll, after i make a save. :P Celebration is just a simple airplane arms, with a knee slide added in.

If you could play soccer with and against video game characters, who would they be? What abilities do you wish you had to play soccer?

Mario (Mario Bros), Altair (Assassin’s creed), David Beckham, Lionel Messi, Enzio (Assassin’s Creed 2), Connor (AC3), Desmond (AC series), And Solid Snake (MGS), Would be my dream team… And we should take on…. The Elites from Halo. :P

You have some soccer goals(yes, I really did just say that), how about your goals irl or on kong? Be a pro soccer player? Get every impossible badge?

I would like to go pro as a goalie one day… Um, i have three in game goals on record. (I’m a goalie, Gimme a break!) And, i would like to at least achieve level 40 on kong before i stop. But it’s getting hard. _

How awesome, is an awesomedragon?

Think… The awesomest ever. Then. Multiply that by 42 to the 340 power. :P

Where do you stand on the issue of hand placement while in deep thought? Finger on nose, or hand on chin(bonus smart points for beard)?
What are these people thinking?

If I was forced to choose, i’d say a hand on chin type thing, but since i have long hair, my hand tends to drift up there. _

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Thanks for a fantastic interview awesomedragon17! That was a lot of fun.

Who would win the Oscar for best most awesome dragon(s) in a movie(s)?

The Fell Beasts, from The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Smaug, from The Hobbit Triogy

Toothless, from How to Train Your Dragon.

Maleficent, from Sleeping Beauty.

Haku, from Spirited Away.

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Stop the presses! I have a question. Is a Fellbeast a Dragon?
Aweosme interview as always, and I may or may not be “borrowing” a .gif of the Dragon eye thing.

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Originally posted by Lordleelee2:

Stop the presses! I have a question. Is a Fellbeast a Dragon?
Aweosme interview as always, and I may or may not be “borrowing” a .gif of the Dragon eye thing.

Good point. If they aren’t, I was duped by the fell beats. Duped! That may be a judge’s decision.

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Originally posted by JesseMH8:
Originally posted by Lordleelee2:

Stop the presses! I have a question. Is a Fellbeast a Dragon?
Aweosme interview as always, and I may or may not be “borrowing” a .gif of the Dragon eye thing.

Good point. If they aren’t, I was duped by the fell beats. Duped! That may be a judge’s decision.

To professionals! Or Opera… Opera fixes everything.

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I’d have to say… Toothless and How To Train Your Dragon. That movie rocked. But Baku is a VERY close second ….

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