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The new nerdook game has a “Transfer Data” option, which is a text save. However, anyone who already saw something in base64 would just look at it and notice it’s just a simple encoding to base64. If your general name is “v”, then it indeed is a straight base64 encoding, so you can freely decode and encode whatever armies you wish.

After noticing how frail that save system was, I looked into Enigmata 2’s Text Save, and, while more complex (it has 3 dummy constants, some important numbers are multiplied by a constant or divided, and it has a checksum at the end), but it was still very simple (the dummies are trivial to find, the checksum isn’t hashed, and it doesn’t take your name into account). However text saves can’t send scores, so you can’t get badges with this on this game.

So, what do you guys think about text saves? They’re like built-in save editors that the user can use freely! Do people even use them as actual text saves? Is it worth putting them in games, even if they were well encrypted? (even if they are, you can just decompile the game and find what the encryption is, but it is harder if the GAME is encrypted, but never impossible).