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Badge of the day of February the 1st 2013

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Anyone else who has now a Jackal-Botd which is worth 5 points?

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Yes, it’s because you got the sola rola badge earlier. Sadly, there is nothing to be done with the missing 25 points.

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Oh, okay thx.

Anyway, let’s keep hold of the story of that Botd for history.

1. They botd a game that is broken, so that nobody who has not earned the badge already can earn it.

(I get it, because I already earned it before)

2. They wake up after some 12 hours and think ‘oh shit, let’s change the Botd’

3. They botd a hard badge, because obviously that must be a good alternative now.

(I realise, that they added a second Botd and somehow manage to get the ingame achievement intime which should award the Botd. But no, the game is broken, or as the Achivement Tab says: ‘you need [class 1] more’)

(I file in a missing achievement report)

4. They decide to substitute the sola rola botd with the Vector conflict hard Botd.

5. I lose my sola rola botd now but my hardly achieved vector conflict Botd is now worth awesome 5 points.

(I get a message which says ‘hey sry for the mixup. here is your vector conflict hard badge but sry i can’t award you 2 Botd for that day’

Sounds like a good day for me. ^^