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Challenges are the coolest (locked)

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I’m fairly new to Kongregate (aware of it for a week or two and just became a member a few days ago), but it’s quickly becoming my favorite place to be.

Out of all the neat things the site has to offer, my favorite part is the challenges. I love having goals and feeling like I’ve accomplished something when I play a game. Because of this, not many flash games hold my attention for very long. I like having challenges to do because they give me that accomplishment feeling and they also give me a reason to try new flash games.

I hope that Kongregate will have a lot more challenges in the future (maybe more than one at a time?) so I can have more reasons to spend hours on the site.

By the way, how many challenges have there been so far? The only one I’ve done was the last one (Red and Float).

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There’s been five card challenges so far and at least two extra bonus point challenges plus the not-exactly-an-online-game refer-a-friend contest. If you only beat the Red/Float challenge, you haven’t gotten the most recent card from the current challenge.

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Challenges are a very important part of the website, expect many more in the future. I think you’ll really enjoy what’s coming!