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Mobile Version with Adobe AIR (locked)

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I have implemented a (multiplayer/manager) browsergame with Actionscript and Adobe AIR. So i have a web-version and mobile APP for Android and IOS. My question is, how can i ensure that users which play the web version on kongregate can also play with the mobile version (for Android or IOS).
Which possibilities do i have and what is allowed? I am not sure if i understand the agreement sentence “This game does not contain any outside login or microtransaction systems..”. Of course the game already exists and there are players which uses a normal login-system. Does it only mean that the uploaded game (or iframe) have to use only the kongregate login system? Is it allowed to give the players the opportunity for the kongregate-login on other platforms (for example ios or android app, which can download by the normal mobile store)?
Thank you very much.

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You can contact us directly (use developer support as your subject) and we can work with you with your specific questions directly. Our developer support team can work with you with whatever questions you have. I’m just going to lock this thread since our community can’t really help you with the questions. If you have any issues, feel free to email our support team.