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New Kongregate Version: Bug fixes galore

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We made quite a few bug fixes with this last deploy. First off we fixed an issue with escaped characters showing up in your profile feed whenever someone posts in a forum. Also for those level 65 users, we’ve fixed the way your profile dropdown looks in the navigation bar. We also fixed the weird my playlist bug that people noticed this week, so now you should only be seeing one set of my playlist games. That’s just a small taste of things we fixed today.

For developers, we’ve added a blue bar message on the preview page if you happen to forget a game icon. There were some false errors there before, and adding this blue bar hopefully clears up any confusion when there is an upload error.

You can read more about these changes below or in our change logs here.

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  • Do not show escaped characters on the homepage mini-feed when a user writes in a forum thread
  • Fix the layout for level 65 users’ profile navigation menu
  • Add scrollbars to shared content lightbox
  • Shrink feed post images to 90×90
  • Do not show red tag text color when viewing tags on a dark background
  • Fix user hover profile in firefox when hovering over a user on a game comments page
  • Fix location of Kong+ bar on chat profiles
  • Do not require user to redownload Kongregate desktop client on game load
  • Fix my playlist section


  • Show blue bar message in game preview if a game icon has not been uploaded
  • Developers can download their ad and kred revenue summaries to csv
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Originally posted by joe1017:


  • Fix the layout for level 65 users’ profile navigation menu

Thanks for getting around to fixing that although it was a minor issue only. Appreciated.

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I think this borked. I promise it wasn’t like this about 12 hours ago.

Notice the avatars.


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Yup, JMTB02 brought it to my attention. We’re working on a fix for it right now.