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New Kongregate Version: Profile and game page fixes page 2

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Originally posted by AllStarDominatio:

UG is a computer genius, don’t know why you aren’t an administrator.

You’re tellin’ me!

Thanks for the updates, Joe. +1 post because I’m a noob at helping to find bugs.

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Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:
Originally posted by joe1017:
Originally posted by DarkRainyKnight:

It is. I just checked and reset it anyway. No difference.

Can you tell me what resolution you’re screen is on? Also what browser and OS you’re on?

1024 by 768 pixels, Firefox 20.0 is the only browser out of that, IE, and Chrome that has this issue, and XP.

Originally posted by zAlbee:

His Windows DPI setting is probably different. Also, it looks like ClearType font smoothing isn’t on.

DPI is ‘Normal size (96 DPI)’ and turning on ClearType made everything blurry.

Edit: This really isn’t that big of a deal if this is only me, which appears to be.

I spoke with our front end engineer and he was wondering if you have tried clearing your cache. He noticed the font from your screenshot doesn’t match any of fonts we are currently using.

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That’s something UG considered.

UG: “…My hypothesis is that one of the fonts that Kongregate uses is not installed on your computer or not rendering in FF…”

Edit: Oh, and the cache did nothing. Don’t worry about it. I can live with this. I originally thought it was like that for everyone. Since it’s not, that’s fine :-)

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I noticed that the font is now italicized/oblique. I don’t know if any other changes have been made now, though.