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Originally posted by Zshadow:

Who will win this week’s contest? Who will win for the month of July? YOU decide…

Oh god, too much responsibility.

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A little late, but the new weekly winners have been posted! The week of 07/05/2013 – 07/12/2013 will be posted within a couple days.

Congrats to the winners! 3LIND game blindly stole the lead with a unique puzzle gameplay. Endless War 7 blasts into second place with a sequel where you get to be the bad guys. Kingdom of Liars 2 makes a valiant return to continue the first game… can you find the assassin?

Until next time!

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Weekly winners have been posted, and The Peacekeeper took the grand prize! Congrats to BerzerkStudio and their team on making such an addicting game.

Icarus Needs and Ripple Dot Zero take second and third place with adventurous, original games that are definitely worth checking out!

Good luck to next week’s winners!

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Thanks for continuing to update this, Z. It’s really interesting!

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The new weekly and monthly winners have been posted! BezerkStudio speckles the scoreboard with BattleCry and The Peacekeeper, two amazing games worth playing! Big congrats to Min Hero: Tower of Sages for winning the $1500 grand prize with their spectacular RPG.

Congrats to all developers! Until next time!

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Three unique games take the lead for the beginning of August! In first place, An Epic Minimal Adventure takes the very basics of gaming and tests your abilities to game using only an interface. Arcane Weapon is an exciting new action game with intense arcane fighting and upgrades. Great for anyone who wants to blow stuff up. PicTune combines music and puzzles for one challenging puzzle game – how well can you see sounds?

Until next week!

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A little bit late, but the weekly winners for 08/10 – 08/16 have been added!

Spectromancer: Gathering of Power takes the lead with their exciting card game with beautiful graphics.

Experimental Shooter 2 and Once in the Cave take second and third with some exciting gameplay action!

Stay tuned for this weeks winners!

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Socrates Jones: Prophilosopher and Battalion Commander prove that every rating counts. Socrates Jones takes first place with a 0.00107 point lead above Battalion Commander. Wow! Congrats to both games, and big warm welcome to the latest installment of the Notebook War games, Notebook Space Wars in third place!

This weeks winners and the monthly winners for August will be posted soon!