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[Userscript] [Firefox only] Show Chat Loader SWF

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Well, I have used the built-in plugin autoplay blocker in Firefox for a long time.

[about:config → plugins:click_to_play = true, and choose “ask to activate” on the Tools → Addons → Plugins]

But I’m getting tired of loading the games along with the chat [especially for Badge of the Day], because the files are so huge/music is annoying/use too much CPU/etc etc, and Flashblock causes some conflict with other addons. [although it gives me the loader to click on]

That’s why I spent a quarter of hours on this script, as the name said, it’ll show up the loader so you can click to activate it.

and bookmarklet version:


Hope it’ll be useful for some players here. :D

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Just giving this thread a bump, since I don’t think many people actually saw it.
Could be useful. c: