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Sorry if anything about it is already clear, obvious or stated elsewhere, but I couldn’t find any information regarding my “problem”.

Every week I receive Kongregate’s newsletter, informing me about new hot games, the new challenge, addition to old games and such. In the bottom right, there are three badges called “featured”. Unless I’m mistaken, I noticed they are the Badges of the Day for the first three days of the week.

Is there somewhere to look for an extended list of featured badges, just to know in advance all seven BotDs for the current week?

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Nope, not that I’m aware of. It’s pretty odd that it’d show you the first three, to begin with. They’re RNG’d at some point in the recent past. I’m not entirely sure how greg handles it, but I imagine that, say… Friday or Saturday’s badge isn’t necessarily 100% set in stone on sunday or Monday.

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The Badge of the Day is revealed at roughly midnight Pacific time, and lasts until the next one comes out. This thread was created to document them for this year (the person who created the thread stopped updating the original posts, but they’re still being tracked by Merwllyra, if you look at the later pages), but it can only do so after the fact, there’s no knowing ahead of time (it’s the Badge of the Day for a reason, it’s meant to only be known and available for the day).

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Itamrpink is correct in saying the ‘Featured Badges’ section becomes BotDs for the upcoming week. I noticed this trend a couple weeks ago.

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You guys have the right idea, the newsletter does sent BotDs for the next week. I couldn’t find a specific pattern, but it’s always a good idea to earn those badges during the weekend if you don’t have them yet. Here’s a study on features:

Sep 6 → Mon, Wed, Thu
Sep 13 → Sat, Sun, Wed
Sep 21 → Mon, Tue, Thu
Sep 27 → none :(
Oct 4 → Sat, Sun, Mon
Oct 11 → Sun, Tue, Wed

So far it looks random to me. :) And, alas, there’s no such feature on the last Newsletter of the month, when they feature a different template with the best games of the month.