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The formula for the search engine.

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When I type in Platform Racing 2, it recommends Platform Racing 2 Guide. When I type in Platform Racing it recommends Platform Racing 2 instead of the first.

How does the kong search engine work?

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Games are ordered by rating. The drop-down menu is intended to appear before you finish typing the name, so that’s why games with longer name appear before the game you’ve typed.

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It looks like it might be partially based on upload date, so more recent uploads take precedence. Then in the case of multiple hits from the same profile, that profile’s results take priority?

Platform Racing 2 Guide is a few years more recent than the game itself, and there is only one “Platform Racing 2” upload by jiggmin. “Platform Racing” gives multiple hits from jiggmin, so his uploads are the first results. 2 is more recent, so it’s at the top.

Just guessing, though.

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It takes the letters you typed in, filters them through an anagram program to create a new phrase, then provides results based on that and orders them using virtual dice rolls.