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Originally posted by DragonArcherZ:
Originally posted by FullMeasureZam:

Emily will u be my gf

Pls respond

I took her, sorry D:

fite me irl for her

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Good luck, Jim.
Congrats, Emily!

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I still remember all the days of flash games, chatting it up in Feed the Ducks, learning graphic arts in the art forums making our silly little artist groups and collabs and whatnot (I still remember how excited I was to have you compliment on the mini pixel city collab! :D), all the time I spent in OT just BSing and being stupid, those were the days.. It’s amazing to see how far Kongregate has come, and I still happily consider it my favorite forum board on the internet. The flash games are nice too. ^^

Best of luck to you in whatever you do, Jim. Thank you for my internet childhood. <3

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Congratulations for taking this site to a position where you’re able to make this move!

And thanks for putting a photo of my phone up?

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Congratulations to Emily!
A well deserved mini-rest to Jim!

They do still sell those phones in third world countries like the one I lived in.

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I would like to say to both Greer’s;

Kongratulations XD

See what I did there with the K everyone?

It was a pun.

You know it was funny.
Why are you still reading this?
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I should really check the Kong forum more often for news like this… anyway kongratz Emily and good luck for the future Jim

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Congratulations Emily.

Best of luck to both of you in the future.

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Congratulations Emily!

Also, can you comment on the total absence of any communication from the Tyrant DEVs that has lasted for more than three weeks now? :(

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I remember when beta was removed.