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Originally posted by rawismojo:

Bumping topics with relevant posts is just fine.

Eh, they edited their post now. It was talking about Platform Racing 3. Oh well, no harm.

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  1. CS portabe
  2. freefall tournament
  3. combat extreme
    and no more
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War of the Webs
Effing Meteors
Swords and Sandals

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1. ShellShock Live 2 TOP 10
2. Flashtrek: Broken Mirror 2
3. Flashtrek: Broken Mirror
4. Broken Mirror 2
5. ShellShock Live
6. Star Trek
7. Hobo 7: Heaven
8. Hobo 6: Hell
9. Hobo 4: Total War
10. Hobo

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TOP 20
11. Hobo 2
12. Hobo 3
13. Hobo 9
14. TDP4 Team Battle
15. Kongai
16. Boxhead:2Play Rooms
17. Boxhead: The Nighmare
18. Boxhead: The Zombie Wars
19. Boxhead

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This Is My TOP 1-20

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1. Most of jmtb02’s games (almost all of them)
2. Most of GPStudios games (Wasted Youth, Mutant Uprising and Bunny Invasion)

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Papa’s Burgeria
Papa’s Taco Mia
Papa’s Freezeria
Papa’s Pancakeria
Papa’s Wingeria
Papa’s Hot Doggeria
Papa’s Cupcakeria
Nuclear Eagle
Grand Prix Go

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1. mardek 3
2. anti idle the game
3. badge master
4. mardek 2
5. dangerous dungeons
6. clarence’s big chance
7. 400 years
8. musaic box
9. just trolling
10. raider: episode 1/2

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Well, these are not in order.
1. Amorphous + (Just. Try. It.)
2. Mutilate a doll 2 (This never gets boring. Happy killing!)
3. Crystal story 2 (You’ve never heard of it? Well, it’s a solid rpg. I love the concept of different classes, and the story is pretty good.)
5. Bloons tower defense 4 (Fricking duh.)
6. Learn to fly 2 (The first is okay, but this one is great. I love the increase on upgrades, and how instead of: “Get as far as possible!” Your goal is to destroy certain objects. great touch.)
7. Flight (This game is great. The calm, nice setting is great, but the story is nice, and charming. It really made me happy.)
8. Man or monster (Wow. I love the concept of playing as a man, or a monster. The monster is fun to play as, because you get to destroy things, and the man is fun to play as, because it’s still fun to shoot giant monsters.)
9. Infectonator: World dominator (This game is hard. Fun hard. It’s so hard, but that’s why it’s so fun.)
10. :the game: (I tried. I tried so hard not to put it on. But while offensive, :the game: is one of the funniest games i’ve ever played. I laughed so hard at some parts, and laughed at other parts. But this game is just so funny.)

P.S.: These are games i played. You might have better ones, but i can’t play every game on kongregate. So there.

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I play the following 10 games so much that my right hand had to be amputated last year, so yeah, I guess you could call them my favourites. Rocking them with a prosthesis now.

1. Spa Salon
2. Elsa Learn Fishing
3. Pickachu Clicker
4. Elsa Perfect Nail
5. Decorate Mom
6. Planeta Agua
8. Messy Talking Ben Makeover
9. Dance Class Date
10. Princess Anna Wedding Invitation

On a more serious note, just check my favourites list if you want to know what the best games on this site are.