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Originally posted by Tukkun:
Originally posted by TheRealPip:

Are you sure about that? I assumed it was a new API thing, but I kept getting a rating update request / new avatar update request every time I beat a level in a new game. Maybe this is triggered by Kong when I get a stat API update from the game though.


I’m a dev myself so of course I’m 100% sure about that. Rating update requests are auto-triggered by Kong after you play for a short interval (5 minutes?) and it happens in literally every game, API or not. The avatar requests, on the other hand, are dev-triggered using an API.

While the rating requests are annoying, I would advise against rating 1/5 when it happens, because it hurts the dev and it doesn’t really solve any problem. It’s not like the game developers want those popups to come up anyway.

While unfortunate that the devs get harmed here, maybe that should put a little pressure on Kong to get rid of these annoying popups. If the devs start complaining about it as well, maybe that will spur Kong to change their tactics. No one wants more intrusion. If someone wants to rate a game, they will.

The problem it solves is the rating tab goes away. I’d say that it is pretty damn effective, actually.

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I’m also quite irked by the nag screen and it makes me less likely to try out new games on Kong or to rate them highly because I’ll inevitably be in a state of annoyance at the time I hit the stars. For me as a Dawns of the Dragons player it’s doubly bad since it means that when I’m playing something else, the nag screen obscures my guild chat (thus partially invalidating that feature).

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Haven’t they tried this feature in the past? People objected to it and they removed it. Yet, it seems they’re bent on bringing it back and using it.

Please Kong, listen to your users and keep this feature gone. It’s annoying.

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IMO it appears too soon. Asking players to rate after a few minutes won’t give an accurate reflection of game quality/enjoyment for many games. Some games seem good at first but then you realise they don’t go anywhere or they’re full of bugs, while others are frustrating when you first try to pick them up but are amazing when you get into them. I’d suggest a longer delay before making this appear in the first place. And personally I would prefer an option to “dismiss” (i.e. go away, and don’t come back for this game) than rate later.

And there should definitely be a way to switch off the avatar change requests.

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I agree, the feature is just irritating.