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Ultimate Game Card is RETIRING!

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Title said, and that was a quote from their website. It seems you can still redeem UGC codes you’ve already bought until September 30, 2014. What a shame, I’ve been using UGC as a method of payment for various games since forever.

Anyway, I need a new method of payments for games. Other vouchers cost me $10~$20 more than what I need to pay with UGC. Credit cards offer me the same price as UGC, but I can’t let myself to hold one, anymore. And PayPal is out of question, sometimes they just ban my country for fun.

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… and this awful news is delivered on your 666th post. So ominous and so tragic that all I can say is… sheet!

At least there’s a little time left for use and hopefully a substitute pops up. One can hope, at least.

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Well this is fairly surprising news. I never really used them, but this will probably cause quite a bit of chaos for those who relied on cards.