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How do you get Trophies???

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Hi! I’m new to kongregate. I was wondering if you knew how to get Trophies? Please post soon! I appriciate all the help. Thanks!

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Trophies can be found inside specially marked doorways throughout the game. You might miss them if you play through normally, but if you take the time to really search each level and go off the beaten path, they’re usually not too hidden (with the exception of Afro Ninja’s, but as a hint for that one, you can “climb” some walls by jumping from grip to grip).

If you complete the game and you’re missing a few, go to your trophy room and look at where the empty spots are. The position of the empty spot will tell you which level that trophy can be found in. Good luck!

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Yes, greg has just explained it all better than I ever could…

Unless you are completely and utterly new to Kong, saw the achievments and badges and the like, and perhaps thought that trophies were some other kind of achievable prize to be aquired through perhaps winning in a gaming competition of some kind here.

But I’m just going to go ahead and hope you’re talking about Fancy Pants 2, K?


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Maybe this should be in the Games section?

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And maybe he should have stated he was talking about FPA World 2… but the topics done and overwith now so meh :P