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Usability issue with a page

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Flag Post<username>/badges is kind of unusable, unless you only want to look at badges you already have; the badge name/point value/description is in a dynamic box on the upper-right-most part of the screen, with the badges you have already next to it on the left.

Unfortunately, this set up means that as you gain more badges, it gets harder to look at the details of badges you haven’t gotten already. It would be nice if that box slid down the page as you scroll down, but I’ve never seen that behavior implemented well. Alternately, that page could just redirect to , which is more usable imo and already serves this purpose.

Flag Post fails to categorise badges into completed and not completed which makes it just as bad for mine.

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I agree, and personally, I wish the Badges tab would redirect me to MY badge page, but I understand for some comps all the images are too much for it to handle.

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Neither of these pages anticipated just how quickly our badge collection on the site would grow, so they have become difficult to use. On the plus side, we have some great designs on improvements to both the badges and games pages! Woot!

(These will probably not be worked on with full strength until Kongai is closer to done, but the designs are solid and will remedy all the issues you’ve been having I think)

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Why are badges so hard to cycle anyway?Arent they just a clickable images?