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Recently I had a problem with a badge (the easy for WetDike). Well, not actually recently, the problem was five months ago and my first attempt at reporting it was a couple of months ago, but I’m not here to complain about that paticular incident…no, scatch that, I am.

The problem here is, you appear to have just one guy who answers emails with any consistancy and this is a site that seems to hit problems all the time. For a site worth millions (according to Wikipedia) this is extremely ineffective display. If this site was airtight, maybe, but it isn’t, I can’t remember a week since I came here that the site had no downtime and I wasn’t thrown out of my room because the site can’t handle so many people on line. I sent three emails to to the feedback email address, all with screenshots proving my ligitimate earning (like I would cheat for an easy badge). I got neither the badge, nor any reply.

After my failure with the supposedly holeproof support email, I tried the Support forum. Now, I strongly doubt any admin has looked in there for it’s entire existance, since I haven’t seen any replies from them anywhere. None the less, I waited for a couple of weeks, and then gave up hope, and decided to live with the glitched easy badge that I can’t ever earn, until now.

The truth is, Kong needs to fix it’s support. It needs more people that check the email (I’m talking actually paid people, not us community members) and admins need to actually look in the support forum, and not have it as a trophy of some kind.

Please do not take this as a big, childish post. I am not trying to flame Kongregate, I love this place and it’s staff, and I am trying to help it improve. Also, please do not post “it worked for me” style messages. You are not helping anyone by saying that.


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Hey Slipstream, I’m sorry that you’ve come away from the experience with that bitter taste. Despite only having a few people who read and respond to email, we do manage to read every single one and respond to every one that deserves a response. Compared to other free websites, I’d say we’re far ahead of the game right there.

About your particular situation — as the one person you mentioned who answers most of the email, I was kind of shocked to hear that I had missed 3 consecutive requests to fix your broken badge. I went back and searched through our archives, and found that none of them have actually reached our feedback inbox, they just aren’t there. I did see your thread on the Tech Support forum yesterday (which I check every few days, though I post in less frequently than other staff members like BenV and Alison), however I did not respond to your thread yet because your screenshot was cropped pretty significantly, and we prefer for badge requests not to be cropped so that we can see chat and determine what may have caused the problem to begin with.

In either case, it’s an easy badge and one that has notorious problems — so I don’t suspect you were being dishonest, and I’ve added it to your account manually.

In all, I honestly think you happened to have an unfortunate series of results from unpredictable problems. Email is always our more preferable method of communication for support issues because the forum is harder to keep track of, and since your emails werent going through it seemed like there was no one on the other end, but I assure you it would have been fixed within a day or two of getting the first email if they had actually arrived.

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Hm, if it was my own ignorance that led me to send the email to the wrong address, I am sorry, I wasn’t aware. However, since this was one of the first few badges I had earned, I didn’t really want to make a fuss as someone as new as I was, so I couldn’t really have gotten the whole thing, although I could of (and have) re-earned it and retaken the screen.

Still, thanks for finally updating my profile, I’ve been getting irritated at that badge lately.

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It’s an irritating badge. You might have very well sent it to the right address, email is not 100% guaranteed to arrive. Sometimes the tubes get clogged.

Anyway, if you don’t get a response from feedback, you can try mailing directly to see if that works. If all else fails, I suppose you could leave me or Greg a whisper, but just remember that it could take a us a while to notice something like that. Even so, it’ll get fixed as soon as we notice it.