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Proposal: Detailed Review System

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I hereby propose that Kongregate implement a detailed review system, by which serious users wishing to offer constructive criticism can write reviews of user-uploaded games.

Unlike comments, these would have to be approved by moderators before being displayed on the site, and strict rules would be implemented to prevent spamming.


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Ummm, I don’t have an opinion on the matter because I do not completely understand your concept. However I think the same could be done in Shouts on the makers profile. Then the user could moderate them himself.

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Yes, but these would be reviews relative to games, not users.

Also, not all users are…responsible…in moderating the criticism of others.

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I understand your sentiment. Writing a detailed review is not really possible in the formatting that we give for comments or shouts. At the moment, reviews are being served up piping hot from our community-run blogs like COCAK (see edit)

In the future, we may try to integrate this sort of thing into the site, but for right now with our plates full between the card game, new community features, and the premium games — we strongly encourage the community to take initiative and build it’s own review pages or contribute to the existing ones.

Edit: Whoopsie! I linked to the new COCAK domain up above, which it seems is not quite ready for primetime yet, but is looking very good. For the guides, interviews and editorials visit

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Since the majority of game comments at the moment and nowhere near constructive, I think that there should be different sections for them. For example, maybe General Comments, Bugs and Problems, Requests, and Reviews.

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I agree with Malachi. It would be amazing if the following were implemented into the comment system:

1. Allow a commenter to choose what topic their comment covers.

2. Separate different types of comments by using color coding or symbols.

3. Allow users to filter the comments for the different types of comments.

This would allow developers to easily check up on bugs that they may have in their game, and receive constructive criticism while general comments will easily be available for the normal user.

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Yeah, a detailed review system would be perfect for this site (actually I just like the idea of writing detailed reviews for games), but if anyone wanted to actually read them we would need a good system. Either voting on them or individual checking, which could include some form of a black list, also maybe a level pre-req for it.

Re: Bugs section of comments – There are features for this, ie send a bug report and whispers. It is important that these stay seperate from comments as “whoa found a bug! pausing doesn’t stop time giving you a potentially unlimited score!” might tell people who had yet to learn of the bug of it, and they might abuse it for high scores.

If there is a problem that should be told to the general community, ie having to do B to reverse the unintentional problems of A, usually I find users posting them in the comments and then other users reposting when asked, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find what you need.