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Valentines Card.

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I hope everyone has gotten the valentines card and happy valentines day to everyone!

The reason for this thread is to let everyone know if they have noticed the Gem of Souls card was released awhile back but instead of this one being a R1 card, it has new art and the text is a little different…Is there a reason for this or was there a little mix up?

I know its stupid, but I felt like I noticed something. w00t.

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Like the PAX Tafari and Halloween Blood Vial, the Valentine’s card is a special edition. The art has been changed so that the gem has been dipped in chocolate in celebration of the holiday.

There will also be a Re-release version of the Gem of Souls and the other cards that we have released special editions of. Consider the holiday stuff to just be a super exclusive version.

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Was it a one day thing only? I was very shocked to see a different feature today. Oh well, cool with me. 2 cards in one week.

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Well yes it is, after all, Halloween are only one-day events, aren’t they


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Not if you do it right. What was the Halloween card? I might have missed it.