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Next Challenge:Luminaria?

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It’s gonna be a challenge sooner or later,right?

Of course,that reason would be stupid to start a thread in my standards.So,while playing the game itself,I noticed a red sentence above the loading bar named “Kongregate Edition”.Well,you might think,“ok,so?”.

Well,the red strip of sentence also came into action @ the Four Second Fury/Frenzy challenge.Wierd huh?It also has a High-Scores API in it,strangely.

Oh,and since the current challenge and the monthly contest challenges are ending on the same day itself,could it be?

Anyway,hope Lumi can become a part of next months challenge,if it’s not in the next one.

NtS:Maybe the next challenge could be a “Shooting” challenge?I mean,The Last Stand AND Boxhead:More Rooms also have that highscores API’s…nah,maybe not.

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Yeah, or a zombie themed challenge: Boxhead, Last Stand, and… that other one.

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Endless Zombie Rampage I imagine.

Problem for me is that the zombie games don’t have a good scoring system. I think it’d just be a “beat the game” challenge (well, except Boxhead), and since they’re both pretty easy that’s not too interesting. I do like the idea of a boxhead challenge though, as well as Lumi. Hmm…perhaps an “arena shooter” challenge? Is there a third top-down arena shooter that deserves to be in that list (again, Zombie Rampage good but quickly grows easy with big weapons).

Edit: Hmm…ok, so I should have fully read the first post. Lemme rephrase: "I second the “Shooting Challenge” idea, though I don’t think I’d put Last Stand in the list. I do like the multi-game challenges, especially for games that aren’t as deep as, say, DTD. :-)

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You guys are like detectives! Luminara is being considered, as is The Last Stand. We’d love to do a zombie-themed challenge, but Boxhead and Endless Zombie Rampage don’t have the challenge APIs implemented.

I’m even thinking about paring The Last Stand and Luminara, but that might be a little weird… I’ll have to reach a decision about the new challenge later today, though.

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wired, wired… so maybe this will be first of great series of The Wired Pairs Challenge AKA Love is Blind AKA Nothing In Common Carnage
…or Include The Damned KongAPI ekhm… please

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OR maybe we are just installing the API on the game so that you THINK we are going to be doing it as a challenge, so in REALITY we are really setting up another game such as Extreme Missle Defense Xtreme 3d! But then you would think to look at Extreme Missle Defense Xtreme 3d only to be fooled again! It’s really going to be a TrueDarkness game! Haha!

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The wisdom of John Cooney, evil genius.

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I don’t like zombie game though……Luminaria is a good challenge game.

And I think the challenge name will be something like this : “Geometry Trouble”. XD

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