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The following questions are directed at the Kongregate team.

Reading through the Monthly Contest rules I’ve come across the following two lines in the General Conditions:

“Once submitted, Submissions become the exclusive property of Sponsor
and will not be acknowledged or returned.”

what exactly is meant by “exclusive property”? property as in “the swf file” or property as in “intellectual property”?

“By submitting a Submission, entrants hereby upon submission provide
to Sponsor an irrevocable, worldwide, fully-paid, royalty free,
sub-licensable license to their Submission, so that Sponsor may use
the game in any and all media now known or hereinafter developed
without territorial or time limitations.”

the “irrevocable license” is in contradiction to the general Game Uploading agreement.

Chances are high that I’m just plain old paranoid, but I’d like to hear a statement on this.

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The .swf file. We claim no rights to your intellectual property. These contest rules were written by a lawyer who I suspect was thinking of mail-in submission. In any case you could upload your game, win the contest, ask for it to be taken down, and we would.

The “irrevocable license” is so that we can can keep an image for displaying contest results even if you take the game down, nothing more sinister than that, I promise.

Does that set your mind at ease?

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thanks for your response, emily_greer!
one has to be wary from time to time, i hope you understand ;)

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