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How do you tag two words?

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Sometimes when i look at tags, i see two words or more as a tag ut when i try to do it they go into seperate tags. Is that only a feature for mods or what?

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Nope..even before I became one I added a few tags. It’s easily done by just entering your words on the same line before hitting Enter. But it only accepts about 5-7 at a time…such as for P.O.D.—I will get that high score someday. =)

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Write “(Stuff)” so if you want to add the tags, Jude rulez! Write “Jude Rulez!”

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hi all :d

whyis like this i watch mist nest video

“dies first stage "

how ? why die fast many dmg ? :d


guardian nest i think ……. ya :d

i many girl so i dont want sound dumb :O :d

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:d bye all i think mechnic is dont middle stand and then die wont right ?

yes is correct .

frog ?

giant then bam always hit if jump dont.

yes again.

then multiply musthit right


ok do gn , die first stage :d

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:d i guess 1 hour paid video off guardian nest :d i tihnk i good now :d

i always die at poision stage :d i got experience :d :D