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Even if I succeed doing what is needed to get a badge, it doesn’t appear in my profile. How do I “save” my achievements ?

Thanks for your help.

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Well, you collect the badge, it goes to your badge list(or should do). It saves it automatically.

edit: read it again. If you don’t get the badge, take a screenshot of the completion screen or whatever you need for the badge in it and send to

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It should say in the chat whether or not you got the badge when you complete the criteria. Otherwise, you can send a screenshot to the staff.

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Sometimes you might have to wait a bit (occasionally up to 20 seconds or so, if the API reporting is a little funky and/or there’s a lot of lag on the site). Don’t navigate away from the game during this time! Also make sure that chat is active, and the little light is green.

If you want to be super hardcore about tracking badge progress, you can enter /?debug_level=3 at the end of the game URL bar, and that will allow you to see the exact same messages that our API sees in terms of what’s being sent from the game. If you’re playing a game for a while under this mode and you notice that nothing is being sent, there’s a good chance that your badge won’t be awarded for whatever reason (with the exception of games like Johnny Rocketfingers and The Visitor, where the “GameComplete” stat is only sent once, and only at the end of the game).

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Thanks a lot !