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Finally the time has come for me to create a blog.

ProTip: Visit KongreNabb for the latest tips and tricks on games.

Uh… well there’s no tips and tricks up yet, but they’ll come.

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ah… i have to create an account to make a comment =/

Just hope your blog get bigger and helf other people ^^

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Haha so many topics for blogs up in the forums here..

I decided that I’ll have Random Tip of the Day for the days I can be bothered. Not sure what approach I’ll take towards badges and cards yet..

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I’m confused. Is this intended to be satire?

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lolwut!? We’re all making blogs nao :o

And I thought you were with Jude on conGREGate or whatever.

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Which reminds me of something funny a teacher of mine said today… ‘I forgot how to use a boomerang but then it came back to me.’

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Nabb’s evil powers are spreading. Soon he will attempt to take back the land of K, with his grand army of noobs. His recruitment ground will be this blog. We must probably stop him with Great Justice or something.

Take off every ’zigg.