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Teh 1st Kong Competition Evar! ( Challenge Mania.)

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Teh origins of teh Van CM.

If you’re coming,be prepared!

History of the Mania:

One night (in the GMT+8 Timezone) before the next challenge (Luminara) came out,everyone was busy doing their stuff in their own chatroom…when suddenly somebody said…

(Note:Some of the Chat Logs you’re about to see has been twisted in my own mind.Beware.)

Sylicas: I’m BORRREEEDDDD!!!!

Kannushi: Why not go do something?Luminara’s the next challenge you know.

Syl: Played it all day long already.

Kan: Oh.

Jindo: Well then,why not do the challenge again?

Syl: ME?Against PARTICLES?No way,it’s just plain annoying if I repeat it and can’t complete it?

Jin: Alright then…I suggest that we battle ourselves in the games on Kongregate,like those challenges we keep playing every week.

Syl: Like a challenge mania?Cool.

Jin: Let’s go with that then.

And so,it’s born!

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I’m liking this =]

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Wait, I missed the 2nd one? DAMN >_<.

Well, I’ll be around next time (I hope) :P.

Glad you’ve decided to announce this, it was indeed fun xP.

As for the first time, I remember all of those following being involved:

Electric Bar,
Fancy Pants Adventures 1,
Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 Demo,
More Bloons and
Game of Disorientation.

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As for the first time, I remember all of those following being involved:
Electric Bar, Particles, Fancy Pants Adventures 1, Fancy Pants Adventures World 2 Demo, More Bloons and Game of Disorientation.

To Jindo : You forgot “Uber Breakout 2”. >_<

PS : How to quote post? I use “bq.” but it doesn’t work. :(

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Wooot,second challenge list completed!I’ll now try to remember what happened in the first one.What’s the first challenge for that again?

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we should post dates times and wat room the challenges should be in
then more people would be able to enjoy CHALLENGE MANIA!

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I don’t know.If you guys want to do this week’s again,make sure you guys record it down,cuz I’ll be away :P.

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Heck, I wonder if we could take this to the next level. This is similar to an idea for a website (non-game related) I had, but why not try it out here?

If the Kongregate programmers are up to it (and have lots of free time, haha…), why not integrate user challenges into the website? It would work in a similar fashion as Sylicas suggested, but would be slightly more rigorous. You would issue a challenge, perhaps through a new “Challenge” forum. When you see a challenge you like, there would be a little “accept challenge” button in the forum post.

The challenge would consist of a game (or games), objective(s), and time limit. The games would have to be limited to those that support Kongregate API. The objectives would need to be limited to various things that could be ordered (fastest time, highest score, farthest level, whatever) – this would not be like the official challenges where there is just a goal and everyone can achieve it. I also recommend that the time limit (i.e. the time during which the challenge is active) be set to a minimum of 30 minutes to prevent cheating (explained later).

Now, here’s the real kicker: these challenges would in fact yield actual Kongregate points! How would that work? Well, the points would be based on how many people entered (and actually posted a score for) the challenge. The actual details would have to be balanced carefully, but I suggest a tiered format such as:

2 – 7 players = 1 Kong point for 1st

8 – 15 players = 3 Kong points for 1st, 1 for 2nd

16 – 31 players = 5 Kong points, 3 for 2nd, 1 for 3rd

32 – 63 players = 10 Kong points, 5 for 2nd, 3 for 3rd, 1 for 4th

64+ players = 20 Kong points, 10 for 2nd, 5 for 3rd, 3 for 4th, 1 for 5th

The minimum of 30 minutes for a time limit, coupled with a restriction of only creating one challenge at a time (or maybe one challenge per day) would help prevent people from attempting to just rack up loads of points by making tons of little challenges. It would take a little work and balancing, but I think it could be a really cool way to expand the website, integrating two of the best features: community and challenges. Any thoughts?

Alternately, if we’re worried about abuse for Kong points, we could simply implement a new Challenge Points system. Heck, I kind of like that better, since it separates your multiplayer challenge accomplishments from standard Kong activities. As a third option, rather than points, simply award trophies. You would have 5 levels of trophies (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, or whatever, corresponding to the 1, 3, 5, 10, and 20 points levels suggested above), and each person would collect trophies when playing. A diamond trophy would be rare (only occurring in a user challenge of at least 64 people) and would be highly sought after. The trophy counts would then be displayed for all to see and be envious of on the user pages.

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When Jindo made this,he made it for fun.Who knew that people could use it for making points and all that :/

Anyway,that’s what the achievements API is for!

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I’m not sure that I understand your comment. What is the :/ face for? Do you not like the idea?

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Yeah, the cool thing about it was we were just having fun, and trusting each other to not cheat or anything. Phoenix: I think your idea sounds cool, it would be like a challenge system shaped by the users. I just think it would be very hard to design and implement.

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True, it’d be a little complex to work out some of the details, but it might be an interesting next step for the site (or perhaps after clans, since that seems to be garnering a lot of attention). It basically turns what is mostly a set of single-player games into a multiplayer environment, and rather than trying to track it all in this thread, would instead keep official track on the site. I dunno – I’d be happy to help with the design elements if any of the Kong devs have interest in it. I do some programming, but have never messed with Web 2.0 (or much web at all – I’m mainly C++/C#), so I don’t know that I’d be a lot of help in the actual implementation phases…

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Since Sylicas said he wasn’t able to host it this time, and told one of us to host it, I gave it ago.

Not many people were on, but we managed to have about 3 games of 4 challengers (myself included).




Electric Bar (again)
Fancy Pants I (again)
Game of Disorientation (again)

I think this isn’t the end of it today, we just need it to be more active for now.

In answer to the comments above, I think some kind of Challenge Mania API would be good, but just for fun, as Syl said, Kong are making other ways for us to earn points, we don’t want people leading a bunch of noobs into some kind of Challenge Mania traps in which they get owned for like 20 points xP.

And all these time limits and things take it a little too far also, the main idea is:

The host picks a game and challenge.
Everyone competes to see who can beat it first.
Winner picks next game + challenge and
if someone wins twice in a row, Runner up chooses.

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Nice idea pheonix

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Yeah, it is a nice idea, though probably hard to set up. I’d suggest starting on setting a threshold on a few games as a trial run. Depending on how many people get over that threshold (points, time etc.), the best score for the day/week/month would get different amounts of points, similar to the cash prizes for games of the week and month. I guess just see how it is received first of all, to avoid possibly unnappreciated work, then expand to more games later, and perhaps allow different victory conditions too (e.g. luminara: don’t die, reach a certain number of points, get a high multiplier) which aren’t always shown in the high scores pane. Maybe get people to pay a certain number of points to enter (they can play for fun for free, of course) to allow higher points prizes?

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Hmmm…I think I like where this is going! Definitely would go through a limited Beta version to iron out bugs, but I know one of the common “complaints” I hear is that while challenges are awesome, there aren’t enough. People would finish then on day 1 and then have nothing for a week. I realize (and like) the achievements system, but that too is ultimately run by the admins. This would allow the community to grow without having to constantly require admin attention. Plus, I think adding user challenge trophies would be a relatively easy extension to the achievements system.

I agree that there need to be minimums on the user challenges, and a little experimentation will help determine those levels. I also love your idea of allowing ante challenges where people can put points into a pot for a big prize. If any admins/programmers would like me to work up a detailed design document, I’d be happy to do it. I’m also happy to run some recon/opinion gathering in the chat rooms to see if people like the idea and what features they’d want.

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The 4th Official Challenge Mania’s been announced.

Time:1PM GMT

Room:The Barrens…

First game,most likely to be played:Errrr…Disorting minds,anyone?

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I may join if I have time on tomorrow night. (GMT+8)

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Shoot, let’s just hope that people are reminded bout’ this event :/.

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