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Thanks….Thanks a bunch. See if you get any points from me!

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No problem!


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Isn’t tomorrow nation Biodiesel day?

We should have one for that!

Woah it actually is!

I can’t believe I knew that!

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I’m working on it. Badges have become a higher priority for me lately, but API issues can really slow the process down. I guarantee that Drunken Masters will get badges soon, probably next week at the absolute latest, but don’t quote me on that.

TY… once again i’m not trying to be annoying or anything, i just think adding more badges would make the site even more exciting. But, i understand that it could be hard…… Thanks :)

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That was the best “contradicting of self” I’ve heard all day. C:

I’ve promised so many badges in so many inaccurate time frames in the past that adding that last part has become natural, even if omitting the first part hasn’t…

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Drunken Masters? Badge?
Too good to be true.