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Basically, at this thread you post pictures of you on Kong from like a year, 6 months, 3 months… ect. ago, or when you were like, 10 levels lower or something:

NaN in the Kongregate Status Calculator

5 Lives In StreamLine

Level 21 Glitch In Shield Defence

Game Over Glitch In Shield Defence

Won Shield Defence

Won The Orbular Impossible Badge

Won The P.O.D Badge

I’m 1337 In The Kongregate Status Calculator!

I Won In No Comment!

I Won In B29 Assault!

Is This Good Enough For The Time Badge?

Awesome Highscore In Snake Mayhem

God-Like Jumping Skills

Some Badges In Hotcorn

Tornado Button Smashing Is T3h Pwn3d

Won Death’s Memoirs

Black Hole Escape Artist Badge

Totally Far Out Putt In Gravitee

All Achievements In Dark Cut 2

All Achievements On Mountain Falls

Last Picture Guys, All My Achievements Are Gone In Mountain Falls

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what? what in the world are we supposed to do?

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This was the biggest pain that Greg ever made.

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Redshift V2 firefox theme ftw =0 that’s the one I use lol… and Salmoneus ftw =P.

I haven’t got any pics.. but got a few vids of some Kongregate stuff from a while back, like my pb at Monochrome =0 still need to beat that… damn… gtg do that now lol

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This was the biggest pain that Greg ever made.

I’ve made bigger, just maybe not on Kongregate…

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Oh wow innuedo-ey it’s funny casue i never noticed that before.

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Greg Month. Epic month, I say.

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Lol I’m level 17, I lasted 86 seconds on particles without moving my mouse, and while talking to Jindo in chat


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You start glitching Ball Revamped 5

And Mindscape…

Then the Line Game one just plain annoys you

Gamma Bros…

The Yoshi Convention :D

You test 2DArray’s games

You glitch FPAW2

“You see your name in Idle 2 and say ‘Hang on! That’s my helmet >:(’”:

(These aren’t that old…but they are all 3 months+)