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Seperate section for games w/ badges

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so yea I love getting badges, but what disappoints me is that not knowing which games have badges (Whether the game sucks or is really awesome) and I just read a post that greg will be adding a badge for drunken masters, if I had not come here, I wouldnt have known, and probably missed an oppurtunity to gain some points.

What Im saying is you can add a new section called Games w/ badges, or atleast put a symbol next to the game name that indicates it has a badge (Maybe like a letter B with a red box around it, small)

If you could add that symbol or make a new section it would help me and a lot of people. Also, I have lots to go till kongai beta :)

Greg please read :D

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Before I say anything else, there is a section for badges. The new ones display on top, so that is an easy way to check for new badges.

Your first idea isn’t feasible. Kongregate isn’t THAT much about badges.

The second (an icon) might work. I don’t think it’s necessay, though thats only my opinion.

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Alright, oddly enough I didnt see the badges section up top, sorry bout that.

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The badges section is massive… If you didn’t notice that, when it is right next to the forums, you really need to get your eyes checked. Look around a little more before suggest wild ideas.

Also, Greg doesn’t have any power to change the site, he just adds badges. And “community manages.”

*The quotes are because I am not sure what that actually entails, not because Greg doesn’t actually do anything but add badges.

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Guys I need help too…I can’t find the forums where is it!

Nah, I’m just messin with ya guys. XP But ya there is that separate badges section, so I hope you enjoy earning badges!

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That was pretty much a useless post. Just to let you know.