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GREG!!!!Porque no es posible a... (locked)

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Uso las letras que tiene un acento arriba de ellos? Este es una problema que inhiba la idioma de los hispano hablantes. GREG YO pido que tú hacerlo tan la sala de charla es abre a el uso de estos tipos de letras.”

read it using the above link.

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We’re looking into adding support for accents and special characters. I realize that this makes a huge differences in languages like French and Spanish.

The reason for not having special characters now is a technical one rather than a policy decision.

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Why is it no possible to use the letters that have an accent above them…Is what I hoped the first sentence said

The is a problem that inhibits the language of spanish speakers….Is what I hoped the 2nd sentence said

GREG I ask that you make so the chatrooms are open to the use of these types of letters… what I hoped the third sentence said.

A) it was not translated…. B)I don’t think its that bad with the exception of the third sentence (I could be wrong as you said)

C)The Use of accents? this es a problem that doesn’t leave [(“the ability”)] to talk Spanish en the chat and that you open these types of chracters…….Is what you said

I translated by myself fyi

D.) just out of curiosity since your here…I’m assuming should is supposed to be implied after “y” even though it isn’t actually represented by the verb “deber” correct?