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I need people to know how awesome I am. Interview me (super ultra-awesome mod/room owner of the best room in the site MalFunction).

Or, you can just copy-paste from the one that’s on USGK (scrapped by DarkChameleon… Before anyone could read my interview D:).

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Hmm…I vaguely remember un petit wizket promising me an interview….Hmm…. ;)

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(scrapped by DarkChameleon… Before anyone could read my interview D:).

It’s not scrapped!!! D:

Hmm… yah, ok, it is pretty much scrapped. :\

Also, Wiz, I notice that you’re still using my interview template, that I thought up all on my own. I deserve at least a mention for that somewhere. Plz? ;)

Ok, real comments time… Like the idea of the site… it’s not really that origional… but I find it rather different, somehow. I don’t know why. :|

Loving all the guides, interviews, etc. Keep up the good work, Wiz. :)

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Ducklette interview posted.

DC, you got a mention too. :) I’ll probably add your name somewhere else also.

It’s also posted on the forums which you should sign up for. Please? :(

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(Sorry for DP, but it’s a long time difference and completely unrelated)

I added a list of all the best articles for quick viewing, so you dont have to read through all the Archives.

(please sign up for the forums plz plz plz :P)