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I am curious if there is ever a possibility for some really, really hard badges. Perhaps a new type that is harder than Impossible (call it something like Supernatural, Legendary, etc) that requires some insanely high level of skill (along the lines of near-optimization to full optimization).

I say this because I find myself sometimes over-optimizing and it makes badges easy to acquire in many cases. It’d be cool to have badges that require such a high level of perfection to acquire — a real challenge!

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Hm…I could make one up on the spot for you…but I just can’t give you a reward :D

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I’d rather play games for fun not study them to death. I do enough study at university.

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Let’s see, I’ll start this off.

Combo Breaker (Legendary – 100 points)

Exploit glitches, turn on the lag, do whatever it takes to reach a 500 high combo in Newgrounds Rumble

[√] 500 Combo – Your score would really break new grounds.

(that one is actually not that hard..)

That’s Gotta Hurt (Legendary – 100 points)

Keep enough of those little rascals alive to be able to slay a whopping five hundred people and animals in one game of LightSprites

[ ] SLAYER! – Good thing YOU aren’t God!

edit) I’ll test out LightSprites – Never went for killing on challenge mode :P (you can’t get 500 targets in the other modes)

edit 2) I calculate 4000 targets gives you 500 screw-ups. Damn hard given the choking on the ships. My best is 33 :(

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Need more? Pretty much beating both Nabb and my high scores at Sola Rola should be a legendary badge itself.

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Ooh, here’s one:

Ring Master (Legendary – 100 points)

Passed the tutorial… became the dragon master… got to level 255 in Ring Pass Not ?

[ ] Levels not pass not – Hey, least it isn’t in timed mode!

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That one’s just ridiculously long lol, the game’s not hard if you shoot for bonuses.

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Never tried, stopped at 30 twice as the freakin’ API stopped submitting at levels 28 and 29!! Got the badge awarded manually though :P

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I still think we need the Sola Rola one :P

A-maze-ing Badge (Legendary – 100 points)
Prove that taming gravity is a piece of cake by defeating the best in Sola Rola.

[ ] 9970 on level 3
[ ] 9830 on level 7
[ ] 9690 on level 12
[ ] 9560 on level 20
[ ] 9916 on level 23
[ ] 9000 on level 27
[ ] 9460 on level 46
[ ] 8300 on level 47

Note: Sola Rola is a bit down at the moment :(