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This topic was inspired by Pixelate. If you’ve updated and re-uploaded a game that’s already been on Kongregate for a while, post about it here, and let us know what you’ve improved!

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well i updated my two games considering the feedback and comments (the best thing on Kong :p):

/danZtyle , added a background music, small drum and bass loop and Kong’s preloader

/rotaZion , 2 difficulty levels, background music, sounds, an instruction page and Kong’s preloader

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Hi! I uploaded a new version of Understanding Games: Episode 1
including the following new features:

  • in-game music
  • mute button
  • language selection english/german
  • new title screen
  • preloader
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I made a really minor update to Q-Zoid, by adding thruster sounds, and also some squid graphics on the ‘gun pods’, since the idea is that the squids are controlling them (which is a hard idea to illustrate without squid graphics) heh.

Play it on Kongregate here.

Press ‘6’ or ‘9’ before you click ‘Play Game’ to warp to a gun pod level :)

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i uploaded a new version of snake

new better background and good speed for everyone( getts faster as you eat more)

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the Airplane Game has been bug-edited and is easier… my little sister can beat up to level 26 :) Can You?

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My game “War has begun” I gave it a total code revamp. The 3d graphics will load faster, and the enemies AI will feel smarter.

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We are the 5th April Now Eggy… ;)

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Just updated “Papa Louie” with a new and improved Kongregate Version — there are 36 bonus Kongregate Coins scattered throughout the levels. Ties in with the new challenge this week.

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i gave my game a huge twist in all ways… plz dont miss it!!
Keep it UP!!!

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P.O.D. was just updated based on user suggestions. The twin laser power-up no longer appears on tank levels.

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On behalf of Free World Group, I’d like to report that Penguin has been updated based on feedback. Those who were annoyed by the music may be pleasantly surprised.

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Push, Pull, and Burn has possibly been significantly updated depending on the last time you played it.

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I uploaded a new version of Understanding Games based on comments from Kongregate users and various blogs comments. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

Episode 3

– If you score more than 100.000 points then Bub won’t say “That was not quite easy, was it?” anymore

– Fixed a bug where pressing the space key while Bob is solving the puzzle could unintentionally stop or fast-forward the episode

Episode 4

– The player AI won’t get stuck next to a tree anymore

– Bub will now notice if the game ends in a draw

All Episodes

– Added custom context menu

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By popular demand Torque now gives you the option to move the paddle and NOT reset rotation. I personally think this is awkward, but I’ve had positive feedback from others… so go at it! You can find the option in the Options menu (go figure).

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Once again, I have updated Torque. Here are some changes:

- You will now win if the ball touches any part of the goal.

- There are several more options including the option to use your mouse, save rotation settings during movement, and change the speed of your paddle.


With these changes I think I dealt with most of the issues people had. Have fun!


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I have uploaded a new version of “Electric Bar”

It has a global timer (shown on the END screen),and it has 2 rank lists (Time Attack & Low Death) now.

Enjoy. :-)

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My game Sledder has been updated. The hard and insane difficulties are now more challenging and it also has Kong highscore boards set up.


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Torque has been updated yet again. I’ve updated the graphics and tweaked the frame rate.

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Laser war has been upgraded with high-scores. Also, Laser War 2 is out. Be sure to play it!

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I just noticed that Weasel updated Endless Zombie Rampage with the Kongregate API this week. Now the Survival mode tracks the high score of zombies killed (“Sea of Corpses”). schweet.

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I never thought it would happen, but Push, Pull, and Burn is updated yet again! For you die-hards there is a new level (13) which is pretty challenging.

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I’ve made easy mode even easier due to complaints:

Admitedly, I only made it today, but still, I’m hoping the 20 or so people who voted it down might reconsider now…

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I’ve fiddled around with what gets bitmap cached and when, which has a slight improvement in terms of speed. Also decoupled the control from the frame update, which is a fancy way of saying the mouse clicks should always be detected no matter how bad the frame rate gets. I think its somewhat better, but it didn’t run that bad before for me so who knows :) Oh also more ingame instructions.

Remember flash has this quality setting thing, if it goes slow for you, you can reduce the quality…

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Asteroids Revenge – Man Strikes Back v2.1

-Mouse Control

-Max Asteroid Size of 150

-Speeds Adjusted

-You can now leave the edge of the screen to appear on the other side

-Enemy ships are invulnerable until they fire their first shot (required for balancing once you can leave the screen)